Lending for Large Projects

Loan Amount: Minimum: $100 million Maximum: $5 billion* 

Rate: Typically less than 10%

Loan Type: Non-Recourse. So, non-equity with no lender investment into the project. 

Project Types

  • Green energy, solar and wind farms, etc. 
  • Data centers
  • All infrastructre projects: public housing, hospitals, shipping, logistics, distribution, fuel farms and  offshore platforms, agriculture, water irrigation, and more. 

Industries: Many. Please inquire below. 

Project Location: Worldwide exept unsafe countries and those listed on U.S. sanction list 

Applicants must have a rock-solid business plan, feasibility study, and 5- to 10-year financial projection to


For further info, contact us here

* Will not consider infrastructure projects less than $100 million.