Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance

  • Based on both gross monthly sales and monthly credit card processing volume
  • No need to change credit card processor. Only few exceptions may apply.
  • From $10,000-$30 million dollars. May consider higher.
  • Can consolidate multi locations
  • Franchised locations are welcomed
  • Fast process: 3-6 business days to fund. ¬†Renewals can be funded within 24 hours.
  • Not solely based on credit score
  • Applicants may not be reported to credit Bureaus.
  • Business may be reported to credit bureaus. This will increase its credit rating.
  • Completely automated and manageable payback
  • Realistic terms
  • Money could be used for any purpose: advertising, emergencies, equipment, expansion, inventory, remodeling, payroll, POS systems, taxes, and more.
  • Business cannot have an open bankruptcy.
  • Business must be current with landlord and have at least 12 months left on the lease.¬† If applicant owns the building and owns a mortgage, he/she must be current with mortgage payments.
  • Not a line of credit but cash disbursement

Equipment Leasing

  • Amount: $5,000-$50 Million dollars
  • In all 50 states and Canada.
  • For most industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, trucking and transportation, heavy machinery, etc.
  • Unique program for construction, trucking and transportation, titled vehicles, yellow iron, heavy machinery in Construction, heavy equipment and machinery, standard manufacturing equipment like drill presses, etc. and Oil industry machinery and equipment for up to $750,000 for B & C credit. Can close the deal in two weeks or less.
  • Company type: private and government
  • Company size: small-large
  • Credit: A, B, & C
  • Bankruptcy: Must have been discharged.
  • Foreclosures: May be acceptable with an acceptable explanation.
  • Tax liens: Must be explained and must be on an installment plan.
  • For computers and IT technology, the hardware portion of the deal is preferred to be around 75% of the transaction.

Investment Consultancy and Capital

  1. Debt Financing Solutions:
  2. Financing Criteria:
  • Senior loan size: $500,000-over $50 million
  • Subordinate/Junior loan size” $500,000-$25 million
  • Company EBIDTA: $500,000 minimum for subordinate/junior loans
  • Company type: Private or public
  • Location: US and worldwide
  1. Financing situations:
  • Growth/Hyper-Growth Capital
  • Working Capital
  • Refinancing
  • Dividend Recapitalization
  • M&A
  • Bridge Loans
  • Distressed/Turnaround
  1. Private Capital Raises

Hancock Financial Services can help small and lower middle market businesses source private equity capital to meet a variety of objectives, including:

  • Distressed/Turnaround
  • Bridge Loans
  • Growing a business
  • Growing a business to the next level
  • Funding an add-on acquisition
  • Achieving substantial liquidity
  • Early-stage private and commercial note-holder payoffs